Monday, April 11, 2011

Back from the Beach, and Married!

What an awesome week away with my fiance-now-wife and our families and friends.  There is nothing like having good people together and I can't thank everyone enough who made the effort to come down. 

Training-wise, I managed to get in a couple treadmill runs and an outdoor run with my brother and Sly Bri.  The outdoor run was an hour before I got married (nerves?), just to lace them up on my wedding day!  We ventured out the gated community of the resort and were followed by a black suburban, pretty sure it was just hotel security but who knows.  Had to turn back partway through a shanty town when a stray dog decided to chase three very pasty dudes.  Back in time to barely shower, get ready for the wedding, and walk over to the ceremony, I'd have it no other way!

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