Friday, November 5, 2010

Being "Cleansed"

I decided to kickstart myself by dropping a few of lb's to get things rolling.  It's discouraging when you workout regularly yet see no results, visually at least.  I've been taking Usana's healthpack of daily vitamins for a month or so, and chose to try their "Reset" program.  Never having tried a cleanse of any type before, only hearing the horror stories (and bathroom stories), I wasn't too keen...

DAY -1: Final day before I'm on a diet of shakes, bars, vitamins, and some fruit/veg.  I likely overdid it by eating a burg at McD's AND a slurpee after hockey.

Weigh-in 190lbs

Optimistic to start.  Lunch time its amazing the amount of smells you notice that you normally wouldn't.  Walked up for a coffee with just skim milk.  After work stomach rumbling.  Grumpy.  Cravings.
Ate spaghetti squash, which normally I never have or would, 3 servings of it, warm food so good.

Day 2
Coffee crisps in a bowl at work.  Choosing this cleanse on halloween week was a bad idea.
Went into mcds for a coffee, oh those smells.  Feeling grumpy and out of it.

Day 3
I read days 1 and 2 were the worst, so maybe it was psychological but I didnt feel as rough.  Still felt like the odd snack.  Ate more spaghetti squash.  Worked from home due to midterm, made 2 shakes with skim milk, bad idea.  Bloating.  Stunk entire house up.  Felt like I had a bit more energy and went for an hour bike ride on my mountain bike to the trails in central park.  Was concerned with a bonk out.

Day 4
Green peppers and avocado for lunch at work = amazing.  The shakes are making me think of vomit, craving warm food.  Coworkers all brought takeout sushi and good smelling Japanese food back, not happy.  Sipped french vanilla shake and plotted my saturday meals.  Feeling irritable today.  I notice my stomach never stops rumbling.  Also did a calorie count, the shakes offer about 270 cals, the bars about 150.  Add in some veg and fruit, I would estimate Im only intaking 12-1300 calories a day.  Well below normal!

Day 5
Last day, thank you.  Hungry every night when I go to bed, have to get in by 10 or the stomach rumblings get me.  Always rough stomach at night.  Around 11pm wife comes home and I can hear her make toast and a chocolate milk, oh the torture.  12 more hours..

Over!  Weigh-in 184lbs.

Conclusion?  Worth it to knock off a few pounds, but time will tell if they stay off as its always a smarter bet that lower weekly weight loss actually stays off.  I felt better stomach wise even with the rumbling, less bloating (without  milk) and less pains.  I am definitely happy to not have to take 12 types of multivitamins a day now, back down to a manageable 6.

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