Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deep Cove

October 31st, 2010

It felt awesome to get a long ride in again today after the 'reset' week of doing hardly anything except run for the washroom.

Snuck out of the house by 10am, arm and leg warmers on, it was COLD outside, maybe 6 degrees? Rode across burnaby to sussex, then the sea to river bike route, lots of hills, so many hills, makes me realize and appreciate (and miss of course) how pancake flat sapporo is.

Once in to north Vancouver on the dollarton it was smoother sailing, felt good. Rode to Deep Cove (one of the best places in lower mainland) and chilled for a coffee and whole wheat fruit scone at Honeys cafe.  Managed to spill my coveted coffee, my hands were so cold, thankfully got a refill. Chilled on the beach for 20mins then rode back towards the ironworkers bridge. GPS was paused this entire portion, piss off.

Riding on the bridge, which is pretty long and sensed someone behind me. Took a quick glance and was going to let whoever past. Its a fucktwat on a MOPED! He stops and looks away from me as if i never saw him. I made sure to take the entire SIDEWALK that he was riding on, and rode slowly. Tool.

Around this time did some map calculations and texting to realize I could meet my buddy from Sapporo, MEEF, downtown on his paid vacation, might not catch up for a long time. Ripped Dunsmuir bike lane a new one then climbed up to Robson, walked awhile to a timmys for a chill sesh/fend off homeless crack addict beggars.  Ahh the life in the big city.

Ride home from there took Dunsmuir, Adanac, Mosaic, Central Valley, then BC Parkway. Into the wind and hilly the whole way. Felt a mini bonk coming but the HEED drink was absolutely mint, the timmys coffee got my sugar up a bit and I felt it crash, sipped the heed, the water, and then an apple cinn hammer gel. Good stuff! Felt awesome and punched it out through central park to imperial and home.

max seed 55.3
avg cadence 69
max cad 120

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