Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swimming in the Piss Pool

November 1st, 2010

Back in the pool. Big sign out front stating that its closed for annual maintenance nov.15-dec9.  Awesome.

Get inside, swipe my card, and see a sign saying the special olympics are using the pool from 5-630, entire pool closed.

Bust into the pool with 20 minutes of normal lengths to get in as fast as I could, 100m semi warm up. 100m medium pace. Then 2 sets of back to back 200m's which went good. Used a pull buoy most of today. Finished 2nd 200 as the pool was being inundated with the team.

Only option was the piss warm kiddy pool to do lengths in, they put a rope up for me but I still continually kept hitting toys and floating mats, plus the water was warm, or at least the kiddies warmed it up for me. 400m there (20m pool also), and the entire time a large old man did mini pushups up against the wall IN THE LANE. 

Glad to get the workout done at least, then upstairs to the weight room.

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