Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trail Run - Seal Bay Comox

December 2nd, 2010

4 day weekend! Out of bed at 445am, 630ferry to Nanaimo, then driving up to Campbell River.  A few Serious Coffee trips then drove down to Comox to go for a trail run near Seal Bay.

Ran these trails with Josh in July, beauty trails mostly singletrack, hard to figure out where you are but we managed to more or less run the 7k loop. Bit of sun peakin through, felt good!

Off to Courtenay serious coffee for a bit more work then catch up with Josh and Crystal, before over to the Riva's house for some unreal curry, lots of sports, and a fair snifter of Captain. Great day. Love the island.

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  1. I haven`t seen the Captain in ages. That guy`s ALL GOOD.