Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shitshows, Snow, and a Swim

November 16th, 2010

Vancouver's been dumped on with a healthy amount of snow, no way to compare it to the snow-walls of Hokkaido, but enough to turn the roads into an official 'idiots on ice' competition.  I started to drive to work then once getting logjammed I cut back and headed home to work there instead, 1 hr driving to get back where I started!  Traffic absolutely crushes my soul, stuck and taking 30 minutes to cover a distance that should take 7, I was rocking my head back and forth like a captive polar bear. 
Rare to see snow from my place like this

Worked from home for the morning, put the 'cross tires on my jake, then souped up the caad9-4 for a ride in to work, no driving for this cowboy. Rode the long way, deer lake, Burnaby lake, lougheed, rochester. Almost got clipped by a redneck in a pickup. Instead of 10k it took 16k, but more fun.

Worked/printed for an hour or so then left at 4 since it was getting dark. Rode home the shortest and steepest way, up holmes again. that pitch is insane. Got home in pretty good time, my legs actually feel pretty good on the bike these days, im going to keep up the trainer all winter.  Good 26k of riding had me pretty rejuvenated after the morning.
Flashback to Sapporo - snow walls banking the sidewalk

Quick change at home after the ride then off to Bonsor Pool (my favourite pool, Chimo, is closed for 3 weeks of maintenance).

This pool is pretty ghetto. But dead at this time, a pleasant surprise! I did what Coach Heavy told me to do, a few 100m sets pushing hard with only 30s break in between. After the first 3 I could feel my heart pounding.

Did a long 1000m set in the middle which felt pretty good and steady, about 2:30's per 100m.
Midway through lifeguard tells me to go in a large rectangle for the wide middle lane, zero logic to that since there were only 2 people in the entire double lane. She suggested I use the single lane then, I pointed out the girl doing breaststroke barely moving in there and how I'd have to pass her. Not sure she appreciated my words, but I was polite as possible.  I think lane etiquette is lacking here.

After the 1000, 30s rest then 3x100 before a 300m cool down. Short hot tub rest for the shoulder, then up to the cardio room to get a run in, which didnt happen, because every guido and chawchie and his dog were there. Canadian gyms are ridiculous, chip n pepper shirts, tap out workout tops, grunting, puffin the chest, makes me miss the comedians at konami. Dont miss seeing the same guys at konami blowdrying their ass* however.

*-true story

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