Wednesday, December 8, 2010

November 6th, 2010

Out for the long group ride with the tri club.  I don't know many people who ride in the lower mainland (personally), and a lot of other friends are baby'd up so the bikes are set to rust mode.  The tri club though hasn't been the most welcoming place in the world, partly because I joined right after Ironman Canada, and I'm guessing a lot of members were done the season and ready to relax.  

A bit of a scramble at 630am to find stuff, continually losing things since re-organizing the house, need space!

Only 3 riders out today. Prez just finished IM canada, then IM hawaii, he's a beast. C's done 3 IM's. Ive done a sprint. Intimidating! Held on to their wheels but my legs are so cooked from running down the Grind. Just to touch my quad or calve is painful. I needed a decent workout though so decided I could probably bike. I cant walk right yet, definitely no running, but bike was possible. See the map later to tell where we went, but it was a good 54k ride anyways on a chilly day. Frozen nuts and frozen feet. Drank HEED, 4 scoops for 2 hours, felt no hunger and felt good after. More hydration though next time.

Love my bike! BSP did a wicked job tuning it up. 
The Route

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