Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mini Brick

November 13th, 2010

Set the CAAD9 up on the trainer last night as the rains were due to come, looked gross out anyways so decided on the spin workout. Still missing my precious HR strap so just went by cadence, time, and perceived effort. Set up the iphone handlebar mount and watched IM 2007, 65 minutes sweat at least 1ltr. Jumped off, out of cycling shoes and superman like change into running clothes to head out for a good paced 7k.  One thing I hate (HATE) about condo life is waiting for the elevator on move-in day, sometimes 5-10 minutes which feels a lot longer when you have just jumped off the trainer and want to get running.  I decided to run down 30 flights of stairs instead of waiting then had to wait for the forerunner to grab its signal outside amongst the big buildings... ahhh cities.  I managed to hold 5 minute k's on the run, felt decent and then off to the weekly hockey game.

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