Monday, January 17, 2011

Opening Day Mt. Washington

December 3rd, 2010

Slightly tape delayed, sorry.

The first snowboarding since Apr 09 in Hokkaido, Japan.  Gave it a pass in 2010 what with no patience for overpriced underperforming nearby hills and having no job upon return to Canada. 

Opening day, but Coach was on the IR so just wife and I.  Got morning passes for $48 ($55 after HST) each, good til 1230pm. By the time we'd geared up, walked up the far parking lot, got tix.. we were boarding by 930. We went right down a nice powdery run, bad idea by me though as it was a little over her comfort level, and took us 1/2 hour of wasted time to get down. Deep breaths....

Took eagle express up to the top, some good runs but had to get some groomers in so I didnt get divorced before the fact. This meant over an hour of opening day powder disappeared before our eyes as the other riders thrashed it to bits. NOTHING like Japan when youd have the chance to find stashes all day long.  A few runs on the other side, then back again. Took off solo for a few tree runs but even in there it was carved out, any powder that was around felt pretty heavy and had to have a good run of speed to get through it. Cant really complain though as if its this good on opening day, this mountain must be awesome mid season.  O called it at noon with an injured ankle so I did a run more then went into the tech shop to get my bindings worked on. Somehow in my move/shipment my bolts/washers/plates went missing so the bindings shifted left right on each turn. They added a set of washers to make it work, then a nylon threaded lockbolt on my right toe which had been coming loose for years. $20 down but bindings good and ready!

Down to Cumberland for some homemade pizza slices, good kohi, then drove down to Nanaimo for an awesome night of good food and a Shane Philip concert (and got to meet the dude himself before he went on stage!)

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