Monday, January 17, 2011

Nanaimo Training Day

Dec 4 - 2010

One thing I miss about living up at the Icefield in a staff accom was having friends around all the time, and training partners anywhere you look.  Want to hit a hike up?  5 people ready to go with you.  Need motivation for a 10k?  A buddy is pushing you out the door.  Living in a big city when you have to drive 30 minutes for 10k is a big big difference.

We were out on the island again this weekend and I had the chance to meet up with Josh (nailed IM Canada in 2009) to get a swim in together and some swimming tips.  Hit up Timmys drive thru for a quick coffee as I left the hotel at 745 and up to the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre.  Beautiful facility here, 50m pool so nice!  We were swimming just after 8 and he was off like a cannon.  For a big guy more built for rugby I don't know how he swims so fast.  Our first 500m was my race pace pretty much.  We ended up getting over 2000m in by the end, felt awesome to be rolling back to the hotel free breakfast already having got a good workout in!

After watching a very mediocre Santa Clause Parade (there were multiple Santa's in this, which should prove traumatic for some kids, am I wrong?).  Even had the opportunity to watch a true redneck driving his John Deere down main street stroking a mounted deer head with duct tape on its nose, how did this 'float' get approved?  Or did he just happen to drive up and join in?  Baffling.

Met up with Josh again around 2 for a trail run around Westwood Lake.  Its a 6k loop around.  As he got there I let him in on the news that we were doing a 12k double loop, impressed he was.  Kept a good pace and of course lots of bs'ing along the run but saw about 12 seconds of sun the entire time as it had just ducked behind the ridgeline.  Frozen 'mid section' yet again!  Hit up his inlaws place for a shower to thaw out then out for some good eats and unfortunately, back to the mainland.

Westwood Lake - some serious climbing at one end
Solid day!

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