Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Years Eve - rounding out the year

Rounding out 2010 with a 100k month.  Start out the workout by running a 13k out to central park, looping, and back. Swung by the metrotown pharmacy to sort out their mistake from 2 months ago and get my 50 clams back.

Didnt run for time on this, but tried to keep my heart rate just under 150bpm. Running through the park the k's went slower but so nice in there it was good to take it a bit easy. Pushed hard the last 4k to keep them all under 5:20. Finished at starbucks for a skim latte.. thats it thats all!

After the 13k run at a good clip, I figured I'd be set to sip my latte, but with the sun out and feeling jacked up I was out the door and down the elevator for a ride. Then back up 27 floors to get my gloves, then back down.. 10 minutes gone there.

Wanting to beat my last 2 weeks rides of this same route of 1hour 21 minutes I pushed a bit harder. Slowed for a few pics with my iphone along river road though, so nice in the sun but cold out. Definitely much more comfortable in the aero position on this ride, probably the mid 28k was aero, wicked!

Back as the sun set, time to eat up and hit the bottle.  Happy New Year!

mx 50.2

cadence 76 / 105

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