Monday, September 5, 2011

May 29/11 Comox Sprint Tri - Race Report

Comox Sprint Triathlon 750m Swim / 20k Bike / 5k Run

Swim 750m 16:46
Got to the rec grounds at 845 to check in the bikes. Race start time was vague, 1015-1045 depending on when the previous heat was finished in the pool. System was 13 heats, the fastest being the last heat. Each heat's lane had 4 swimmers based on estimated times. I put 19:15 as my estimated time even though I'd never swam that fast. Last Sept swim time was 24:15 over 650m (pace?). I was blue cap so third in the heat, going every 5 seconds. 30 lengths in a boiling hot pool. Got 1 length in and passed swimmer 2, 3rd length I passed swimmer 1 and felt good and actually felt somewhat efficient. I lost count right away and just prayed each lap that the counter would double tap my head to let me know I had 1 out and back left.

As the lady tapped my head one girl cut me off and darted out but still held me up, a little pissed off because really its an individual event and youll shave almost no time by cutting me off when youve rode my toes for the last 28 lengths. Final length back and girl 3 pushes past me so I had to slow again, b!tch. After the race she apologized. Even with, finished 16:46 in the water then had to monkeyfuck the poolside to get out of the pool even.

T1 - 3:50
Only a bit longer than others around me. The run from pool deck, out the door, through 100 of gravel parking lot, down stairs, and another 2-300m to the bikes was long and strange. Problem was when putting my jersey on the number ripped half off on the back, then had to re pin it, twice, if I was worried about a valuable 30s to 60s that was it. Walk/jogged my bike out onto the road another 100m or so away. heart just pounding, dry heaved a couple times.

Bike 20k 35:07       34.8km/hr pace
Onto the bike and then basically up Headquarters Road and back. See the elevation, continuous climb and into a headwind (but not too strong). Knee felt good and I hammered it pretty hard to get there passing alot. Never passed by anyone entire 20k. At 10k point I passed Josh where he mentioned his bike was creaking away, credit to him though hes riding a bike for the first time and only 2nd road bike ride since ironman 09. The way back average was pretty fast, looking down the odd time kept it 42-43kph. got to the road turn off and dismounted then ran it the long way in again. Stayed aero almost entire ride.
Out Back Splits: 19:16/15:11

Official bike time says 35:07, so i'm guessing they counted my time from when I ran out til I was running in (part way up trail not right where youd mount/dismount.

T2 time: 1:46. 
pretty fast on this one, helmet off, tried to load foreruner but satellites wouldnt connect so just threw helmet off, went barefeet straight into runners quick tie up and was out. Josh was coming in as I was running out and gave me a warning of 'i better run fast'.

Run 5k 21:41 (suspect the course was short)
FR305 wouldnt connect so just have the time here. Fr305 time 22:43. but official time 21:41 (josh 21:42) so i guess they counted it as I left the gated area not the Transition zone? Run was on shaded trails which was good since temps were hot as shit out. Heard a guy behind me and figured it was josh, held him off til the end when he bolted, it was a different dude. Got to the track for a half lap ala Sapporo Marathon 04 (05?) and finished total time 1:19:12.

Final Official Timekeeper (kids with note books and watches) Stats
Swim 16:48
T1 3:50
Bike 35:07
Bike TPK 1:45
T2 1:46
Run 21:41
14th/65 overall sprint competitors
1st in division M 30-34 (only two in it as it turned out)

Overall super pumped with the results, first and last time I'll win a division Im sure. Pushed it as hard as I could. Jacked with the swim time, far beyond my expectations, 8 minutes faster than Cultus which was 100m shorter even.

Happy with the bike too as cultus was 40:10 so shaved 5 minutes off there, and the run my legs felt good even though I couldve pushed a bit faster if my heart wouldve slowed enough.

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