Monday, September 5, 2011

5/8 Huge Weekend of Mountains

Big weekend!

First up I met up with the Runners of Compassion Group, RoC, Nanaimo.  Great group of people.  Left at 730am with group B, only 3 of us, great trails and climbs and singletrack.  Pushed hard on the way out keeping the pace with a much fitter lady.  Also was lucky enough to be behind a very gassy lady, good motivation to sprint past at least.  


Ammonite Falls Hike
To get here we drove up to WitchCraft Lake.  Good hike in then have to rappel down the muddy bank with two fixed ropes. Hiked back up then over to Benson. Falls were awesome, definitely going back to them. LOVE how accessible everything is here.


Hard hike with Jim and Ophee. Straight after the Ammonite Falls hike, drove up and went for the summit push knowing it was about 2 hours up. Jim pushed the issue wanting to go for it, even though it hailed at one point as well as the cloud being so thick we could see 100feet around us. Good solid hike, but had to turn back when we hit crazy deep snow pack and time was going away. Longu day of hiking and trails, but full throttle awesomeness.

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