Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4/30 Long Run Half Cut

Definitely my first DUI long run. Morning hockey game at 8am, then hit the breaky, game 2 at 1115, then hit the free bbq lunch upstairs. Out to Mkeiths pad after 3 tinnies for a solidly mixed spiced rum n ginger... with a healthy glow and nice ball of cancer growing from all the second hand smoke from Dartsy McKeith all weekend I decided to get a run in. No idea where to go, no idea what route.   I'm not sure going for a run was my best idea but I knew I wanted to get a long one in on the weekend to stay on program.  That, and I had a mini bomb dropped on me and wanted to get a good run in to clear the brains.

Running semi cut has an advantage though since you just keep goin and the time flies. Ran past the events center, then down towards the golden ears bridge in the distance. Took a couple tries to find the pedestrian ramp up it, ran up to the highest point on the bridge then turned back, that was about 9.5k mark. Times got slower and slower as I got more and more dehydrated, and sober.

Tried to shortcut my route through one road but it turned out to be a deadend, some dude with 7 teeth total told me I might as well run back to 200th rather than 'turspass' on anyones prawperty. (direct quote)

Got back at 515 or so and got the pressure to shower and get out from Cigs before had a chance to stretch. Interupted his fast and the furious five driving impression to get a chocolate milk to half recover a bit at least! To the banquet by 6 bells to see the Nucks, free roast beef din.

Legs feel cooked, but jacked that I got this run in.

NOTE: weight in the morning was 188.  Weight upon return from run 181. 7 pounds, holy dehydrated.

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