Monday, June 27, 2011

4/21 First ever time trial

What am I getting myself into.  This was week 1 of the Mid Island Velo Association's weekly time trial Thursdays.  I thought it was at 730, actually it was at 630. I found this out at 621. By 623 I was in lycra and peeling out of the garage with bike on the rack.

Arrived at 630 and signed in, except I forgot my money, so rainchecked it. Geared up with arm warmers etc as fast as possible then realized I helmet. Idiot.

Thankfully the organizer had his in his car or I wouldve been SOL.

With zero warm up and 16 serious bike nerds around me I told myself just dont get last, dont get last. The ride climbs for a fair portion of the way out to 7.5k marker, hitting 175m elev at its highest. On the way back its time to cook it down, with 3 mini climbs too though. Had a goal of breaking 30mins, then went for averaging 33. check check! Wicked good times, and best of all, didnt get last. 38.6km/hr average on return half.

Heart rate pretty high but not redlining it.

Might have to make these a weekly adventure.

Mid Island Velo Association MIVA

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