Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chainsaws and Motorbikes - Nanaimo Lakes Road 4/3

Sunday Long Ride.

Slept in til 9, by far the latest in a few weeks. Felt good but a bit sore from the long trail run yesterday. The bikes and gear was ready last night so just cooked up some eggs and toast and was out the door once digested.

Rode up the parkway trail til Harewood Mines Rd, rooty and climbs from 30m to 110m. From there its left up the road which turns into Nanaaimo Lakes Road, lots of climbing. Got to 200m and knew I still had to get to 300m elevation before we topped out. Slow going, definitely going to do this route as a training ride but not part of the long rides for awhile, punishing to know you climb for 45 mins just to go 12k, when you have to hit 56k for the day by the end.

Lots of rednecks on this route, chainsaws, ford f150s, motorbikes, quads, ciggies, and flannel jackets aplenty. Chilly day today after summer yesterday, feet numb, balls non existant. O took the turn at white rapids rd to head the 5k home while I headed out for the meat of the ride out to Yellow Point / Cedar to loop around to home. Lots of rolling hills, some stretches of really shit pavement, but overall good 2 1/2 hr workout. Forgot my HR monitor.

Love the garmin edge.

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