Wednesday, June 8, 2011

March 5 - Colliery Dam

Settling into Nanaimo, awesome to have a few days to unpack for the first time in EIGHT years.  Since I left for Japan in 2003 I haven't ever been in one spot to unpack fully.  I'm pulling out boxes of stuff I forgot I even had.  Makes you realize how much you really don't need.

Out for a beauty run on the Parkway Trail, so close to home and goes on for 18km one way to the north end of the city.  It reminded me of my old stomping grounds in Sapporo, the Shiroishi Cycling Road.  Though that pathway can never be matched this one is pretty good. 

We got out for a nice hour or so bike ride up the pathway too, checked out Colliery Dam Park.  Looking forward to finding more and more trails...

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