Monday, June 27, 2011

Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club 4/19

Trail Route - I just add this to show how BAD the Bing Maps Aerials really are.  Thanks for switching from Google Maps to ShitBing and not listening to your customers Garmin.
Best decision I made all day was to suddenly grab the mountain bike and go for a ride. Decided to go even though it was finally a day off the program. 

After losing keys 3 times and borrowing the neighbours lawnmower, was on my way by 530 for what I thought would be a half hour ride. 

Extension/Transcanada trail start point, rode the power line up searching for singletrack jutting off. Found one quite far up the climb and it was BEAUTY. Except for wondering about cougars. Looped around, got lost a few times, and then headed back taking random trails the whole way, some dead ends, some good. Upon getting to the parking lot after a solid hour and 5 minutes I saw a group of mountain bikers in the lot. 

Chatted with them a bit and theyre the nanaimo mtb club, they were nice enough to invite me along for their ride. Decided even though I was tired I'd go, good chance to meet locals and learn trails. Turned out to be super mellow good group of people. Couple IMC finishers who gave me great advice, so refreshing to meet some real IM athletes who arent strung out and talking about pace/splits/hr nonstop. 

So glad I made it out for this ride!

Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club

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