Monday, June 27, 2011

4/22 Fletchers Challenge Trail Race

Fletchers Challenge 2011

Ka-riste that was a hard run. The hardest trail race Ive done for sure. Olly made the effort and drove up from Vic to run this one with me, and in the process nailed down a 12th place overall spot, sick. I slid deftly into 30th (out of 66 runners).

The route did part of Westwood lake then climbed, climbed, climbed, ran through (and along) a few creeks with water running over the ankles, deep mud, heart redlining climbs, and some steep downhills where it was hold on for dear life. Pretty intense. Rolled my ankle(s) early on about 25mins in and had to jack it down a bit for awhile. Got passed by 5 runners I think. Cookie platters after were solid, so was the beer and flatbreads back at the house.

Will come back stronger to this next year.

Runners of Compassion

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