Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Westwood Lake Runs - 3/19

Westwood Lake is this amazing little oasis right on the edge of the city and nudged up against the base of Mt.Benson.  I remember 6 years ago running this when on a trip back from Japan I was visiting Josh here and he took me out for a lap followed by some runs out in Colliery.  I clearly remember how very "Vancouver Island" it felt when visiting the lake back in '05 on that trip with the huge trees and vegetation everywhere.

Today I drove the quick ten minutes to Westwood lake and planned on running 5k out back (10) then another 4k to round out to 14k. Ended up just doing 2 laps of the 6k lake loop, followed by a 1k out and back to equal 14 instead. Added the final lake loop km hill climb to the long run which hurt like fuk but has to be good for me somehow.

Stopped at 6k and 12k for quick water and part of a bar. Ran this one just keeping hte heart rate down and ran for time (goal was over 1h20).

Lake Loop 1 36:50
Lake Loop 2 35:22

How good is it to be able to drive 10 minutes in zero traffic and be at the lake??

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