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Victoria 1/2 Ironman - Race Report

Vic 1/2 IM - June 19, 2011

1900m swim
86k bike
20k run

RACE REPORT: (get yourself a coffee first)
Saturday: drive down to Vic, hit MEC for some exchanges then battle horrid traffic downtown to get to the race site after 3. Checked in, and racked my bike then listened to the mandatory meeting from 4. Over to Marks place after for a great turkey meatball pasta dinner at 630 then tried to hit the sheets by 830 or 845. Owen was on a tear though after a late nap and was doing leg drops from the bedroom above me and crying fits right til about 11pm. Good birth control for me.  Nerves were getting the better of me this afternoon, questioning myself and what the hell I'm doing here.

Sunday: Up at 4am, ate a bagel with PB and mixed a hot water with blendy kohi stick to kickstart the system appropriately. Hit the can and long hot shower to loosen up then on the road at 445am. Got to the start about 515, ran into Tom from Comox in the body marking lineup which was only left hand in this one. Got my ankle chip and marking done early so had time to relax, all by 530am. Spent 45mins or so at my bike laying out transition gear. O zipped my wetsuit up at 635 and then i had to piss yet again, hit the bathroom then rezipped.. strolled into the water and..

SWIM 1900m    45:04
645am gun goes off. No stress or nerves for me since I wasnt waiting in there very long. 400 swimmers all battling away wasnt the funnest moment, but i made a rule if any dipshit elbowed me 3 times i was macho man elbow dropping him back which i had to do. Lots of kicks and torrential waters. Finally into a rythm and got around the first buoy in 19:33 (830m), second corner in 4:17 (170m), then 21:05 (900M) back. Really only was able to draft on some toes for parts of thh first leg. Seemed like the second leg I was in no mans land all on my own with noone around, someone was drafting off me though for sure, the constant touching of my toes proved that.
OFFICIAL TIME: 45:04 (314th/354) (2:23/100M PACE)

T1: 6:39
Ran up while kicking my wetsuit off my arms and once at my bike I realized my heart was just pounding. Took a minute to calm down and then got socks, shoes, helmet, gloves on. Walked my bike out of the racks to the mat so that probably took longer too. Either way, today wasnt about stressing transitions just making sure i didnt forget something.
OFFICIAL TIME: 6:39 (329th/354)

Time coming out of Swim and T1: 51:43 and in 315th

BIKE 88km   3:06:44
Last week rode a 45k loop of this course in 2hours 10mins and felt like dogshit, its a hard hilly course. Got going and felt good, the hard part of a tri is you have to pass someone within 15 seconds once you enter their draft zone of 12m back tire to front tire, and 3m wide. A huge gap. So it tends to make you sprint past people alot. I had perpetuem on the go with 5 scoops for nearly 700 calories, pretty well drank it all. The one mistake I made was carrying another bottle of electrolyte drink because they were handing out full water bottles Trek of gatorade and water to everyone at the 2 aid stations. I took a bottle at first station 20k in or so. Drank most of it holding onto it while riding, then put it in back pocket. By the 2nd aid station at 35k my bladder was killing me, I pulled in and hit the green room for the longest piss of my life before running back out on the bike. Hit first loop of 43k in 1hour 32mins, saw Ophee who had walked a k or so after her volunteer stint was over to cheer me on. 2nd loop my guts started to go, its a battle to force yourself to fuel that much. Still passed more people and felt good regardless, first aid station i again took a bottle of water and forced myself to drink the 800ml in about 40mins of holding onto it. Bladder so full at 2nd aid station but i wanted to keep my bike rhythm up and finished pretty strong in 3:06 for a 28.3 avg over the 88km.
OFFICIAL BIKE : 3:06:44 (247th/354)

Time after bike 3:58:27 (272nd place)

T2: 4:18
Saw Ophee, Mark, Katie, and Owen. Changed shoes, drank some water, took more sodium tablets, then had to VEE line it for the green room before exiting transition. The lady I had just passed was also going in to the one next to me. While pissing I had the worst gas of my life, the sounds echoing and amplifying out, pretty sure she was embarrassed FOR me. Stepped out at the same time of course, and she mentions how bad she had to piss the last 30k on the bike too.
OFFICIAL TIME: 4:18 (323rd/354)

After T2 time 4:02:44 in 274th place

Run 21KM   1:55:43
Highfives to the crowd and ripped my race number when exiting t2 off my fuel belt, so one hole was hanging off. I re pinned it using the bottom hole, which meant it was diagonally on my front looking retarded. Around 6k I stopped and 8k also to try to fix it and poke a new hole but no go. Wasted a bit of time there. First k was 508, little excited to de numb my feet i think. settled into a pace and drank water each station.
5k 27:47
10k 58:10 (30:23)-trying to fix holes on number
15k 1:28:35 (30:25) - one long piss while family walked by pretending not to see me
20k 1:55:34 (26:59)
Around 10k I realized I had to push hard to break 6 hours total time, so each K I just tried to knock a little time off and keep the pace going even though my legs were like lead and the pain was insane. Got to 17k and Mark was there to run for a few hundred metres, then pushed on to the finish passing alot of fading runners. Clocked it in 5:58 ecstatic beyond my wildest expectations to have finished it. Slumped in the chair while the rubber gloved lady removed my ankle bracelet, told her she shouldve had a hazmat mask on. Hit up the goods tent and stumbled around happy as shit.
OFFICIAL TIME: 1:55:32 (203/354) 5:29 PACE

Finish time 5:58:15 in 251st/354.

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