Saturday, September 18, 2010

18k Long Run

Throwback pick to the Terry Fox Run 2008 - Here at Central Park

September 17th, 2010

Out for my long run on a day off, perfect temperature out for it and felt fairly well rested even though my achilles' weren't happy after yesterday's Grouse Grind push.

Kept a reasonable pace running home to Central Park (5k), then looped the Terry Fox trail around the park before a smaller loop, and finally back onto the BC Parkway for a run home.  Around km 12 & 13 I started to fade and ran some 6min+ km's and saw my goal of a negative split die.

The final 4k I got a second wind and those 4km were my fastest of all 18 (526, 513, 510, 515).  Final split:

1/2 (9k) 51:25
1/2 (9k) 50:21

Heart rate avg'd out at 147, a good long slow distance #.

Terry Fox Run this Sunday!

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