Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kits Pool -> Grouse Grind Combo

Weds, September 8th, 2010

Leave it to me to discover the gem that is the Kitsilano Outdoor Pool on its closing week!  $5.70 drop in, and 130m of uninterupted lengths=awesome!  The sun was out, the mountains clear, and I didn't feel like drowing nearly as much.  The second 520m I used a pullboy, definitely easier to work on what little swim stroke I have, but my legs still sunk down.  Must be the fat ass!  Anyways, 3 sets of 520m.  Rough time of 1hour 18minutes including breaks (many).  It can only get better.

Kits Pool with North Van in Back
Packed up and ripped (ok crawled in city traffic) across downtown Vancouver then up to Grouse Mountain to do the Grind.  Running on gensoy bars and bananas today, I finally wasn't bloated.  The Grind itself is 2.9km, rising 800m (2500') vertical.  Its steep.  Today was my 10th Grind of the year so my pass is nearly paid off.  Pushed hard up it today and ended with a better time than the last few weeks, 47:21.  Avg heart rate was 172.  Ouch.

View back towards Stanley Park, Kits Pool, and UBC, from Grouse Mtn

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