Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run has always been a big part of my yearly calendar, dating back to when I helped to put the run on while at the Columbia Icefield almost 10 years ago.  While living in Sapporo we got the run off the ground and held the first ever Sapporo Terry Fox Run n 2004, and another in 2005.  Unfortunately insurance issues handcuffed us after that and the run had to be postponed, hopefully to be resurrected next year.

My legs felt like death after Friday's 18k, and yesterdays hockey game.  Woke up to rain pouring down and aches and pains.  Remembering that Terry had to wake up and run each and every day for 143 days, rain, snow, or shine, stopped my internal complaining right there.  The run had a decent turn out, and I pushed a hard 10k out even though I really *really* wanted to run an easy one.  I ended up with one of the years best times, 46:18.  Gonna be hurting tomorrow!

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