Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seymour Hill Workout

September 1st, 2010

Another on my list of places to ride, was Mount Seymour (1440+m).  Its a long climb up, and a fast rip down.  Last week we had come out a little too late in the day and only got to the 1/2 way point before being turned around by darkness.

Today I was still pushing it, and made a rule that by 740pm Id turn around whether at the top or not.  As chance would have it, I topped out at exactly that point.  Base elevation of 104m, climbed up to 1018m.  Solid!  It took a full 1hr 11 minutes to climb up, averaging just 11kph.  The distance each way is about 13k by the way.

The downhill was wicked, though I still haven't learned two important lessons 1)bring a light coat, its damn cold when going over 50 and, 2)bring my sunglasses with clear lenses.  So as I could feel my core body temp drop, I also could feel my contacts nearly popping out from the water streaming out of my eyes from the wind.  I hit about 65km/hr on the way down at one point.  Coming around a bend though I ran into a couple bikers who were on their way up and had a flat.  Their co2 pump wouldnt take the cartridges they had, luckily I had the topeak road morph-g ready for action.  Great pump (when its working).  I ended up riding behind the guys because his tire kept going down, then gave him a lift home since it was dark when we reached the base.

Oh, and check the sign on the way up.  Love the tiny x's for the poor bear.

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